See you later Sketch?

Goodbye Sketch, Hello Figma

One tool to rule them all

Windows Friendly Software

And spending too little time on sloppiness.

The mindsets that made “The Best Ice-cream in America”

1. Don’t be afraid to Steal Ideas

Work faster, better, and smarter, today.

Sketch Runner Pro

Sketch Runner Shortcuts

Forget natural talent. Focus on the process.


Tips for online accessibility

3 ways to improve conversion through better product photography

1 — Show off the Scale

Improving Design Team Collaboration

FYI — Miro is a great tool for collaboration. Sadly they didn’t pay me to tell you that.

1. Ask for advice, not feedback.

Hint: it’s totally worth it

Computers. Just one of many research tools.

You are not your guest.

Answering your questions on how modern product teams can benefit from a Design System

What is a Design System?

  • Foundations: brands colours; typefaces; icons; grids etc.
  • Components: buttons; form fields; menus…

I.Black & Co.

Improving interactions between people and software.

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