7 Big Trends in Branded Content Strategy

And why they should be a part of your brand’s experience

The best part of working in the world of experience design + strategy is the ever changing types of problems I get to explore with my clients. The second best part is having something to share from it.

This week I’ve been scanning competitive market for how commerce sites are using content strategy to build their brand experience. In case you weren’t aware, the days of the single company blog are over. Brands are competing online to offer the most immersive, engaging content, tailored to specific audiences. Content not about them, but about you.

Your values, your needs, your lifestyle.

The competition is high. Content that sells product is quickly becoming a thing of the past. So if that’s what you’re doing, it’s time you caught up!

1. A Visual Treat

Visual content is the fastest way to deliver impact and emotion into an audience, and the competition out there is impressive. It is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.

Gucci releases a photoshoot to commemorate the year of the dog. Because dogs are awesome.

2. The Move into Motion

A gorgeous sunrise snowboard shot from Patagonia.

3. Community Building

Adidas Gameplan encourages audience participation.
A community of content creators curated by Sephora, but powered by the customers.

4. Lifestyle Focussed

More than just sportswear — Adidas All Day offers nutrition, health and mindset advice for the female athlete.

5. Politically Engaged

Patagonia embraces the conversation around conservation in response to Trump…using VR.

6. Cross Pollinated

Instagram worthy imagery makes it was to Foot Locker’s Facebook.

7. Bridging Digital and Physical

Patagonia connecting people in the real world too.
Nike + Snapchat — Making online retail, social media and communities collide digitally and physically.

In Summary

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